Blueberry Strain (Hybrid)

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Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Happy
Medical: Insomnia, Nausea, Depression, Pain, Stress
Potency: 18-26% THC Content

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Blueberry Strain

Blueberry strain Parents: Afghani, Thai, Purple Thai
Similar to: Afgoo, Bubba Kush, Critical Mass, Hindu Kush, Mr.Nice
Flavors: Blueberry, Sweet, Berry
Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Happy
Medical: Insomnia, Nausea, Depression, Pain, Stress
Potency: 18-26% THC Content

is a magnificent Indica variety of cannabis with genetics linking back to not one landrace strain,

not two landrace strains, but three landrace strains.

not two landrace strains, but three landrace strains.

The legendary breeder DJ Short began to work on this strain in the 1970s and is a result of crossing the

Indica landrace strain known as Afghani with two Sativa landrace strains known as Thai and Purple Thai.

This strain offers all the amazing long lasting effects that consumers and patients alike enjoy in Indica varieties of the herb.

Blueberry will tantalize your mind and relax your body while allowing all your cares to melt away.

This strain is loved by all for its exquisite sweet, blueberry flavors and long lasting full body buzz.

For those suffering from inflammation, insomnia, pain or even a lack of appetite, Blueberry may be just the strain for you.

Adverse Reactions
This strain is quite potent, and should be used sparingly, especially for newbies who have no idea about its effects. When smoked in a large dose, Blueberry can make you feel slightly paranoid and dizzy, and the drowsiness may leave you with a bit of a headache at times.

Hydration is also key here, as this powerful indica can leave you with dry eyes and cottonmouth. It is recommended that you keep some water nearby, as to not feel dehydrated when smoking Blueberry.

Doctors love this indica powerhouse, due to its many relaxing components. Blueberry is great at restoring a sense of calm and relaxation. This strain is talented at stress-management and has proven itself to be beneficial to those who suffer from those ailments chronically.

Blueberry is also wildly effective at treating a number of pain conditions. It has an exceptionally high CBD content at 2%, numbing even the strongest of all pain symptoms. Depression and insomnia is also easily treated with the regular use of this strain, relaxing the patient and encouraging happier, lighter thoughts. Make sure to check out Blueberry seeds at our marijuana seed shop.

Common uncomfortable symptoms, like muscle spasms, cramps and migraines are also easily treated with Blueberry as a pain-management tool, because it can easily relax both the mind and the body equally.

In cancer patients, who suffer from extreme nausea and a loss of appetite, Blueberry can encourage a healthier appetite by intensifying the effects on the taste buds. Another reason why this strain has been widely prescribed, is to combat bases of restlessness, and insomnia.

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