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Marijuana Pre – rolls

A marijuana pre-roll, more commonly called joint or blunt, is dry flower ground up and rolled into a paper. Our selection of ready to smoke cannabis pre-rolls changes on a daily basis, but we usually have sativas, indicas and hybrids in three sizes. The largest pre-roll we carry is packed into a RAW king cone with a paper filter. Our more typical marijuana pre-rolls are packed into RAW 98 specials with a paper filter.

High-Quality Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are marijuana cigarettes, or “joints”, made in house from 0.5 gram – 1 gram of flower and rolled using unbleached natural paper. A wide selection of pre-rolls made with different strains are available for patients who do not roll their own but prefer medicating this way. Trying a pre-roll before committing to a strain is a good way to observe if it’s a good option for unique symptom management. Additionally, pre-roll 5 and 10 packs are available in a limited variety of strains.

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