Is buying cannabis seeds legal on the Internet?

One of the most searched terms online concerning CBD is “can I order marijuana online” lots of people want to know if they can order marijuana online.

Today, government agencies impose many bans on certain products, services, and entertainment. This also includes drug-containing substances, their purchase, and distribution, some alcoholic beverages, tobacco products are also prohibited in some quarters. In those areas, it may be impossible to buy weed online.

The United States was one of the first countries to ban marijuana. In 1937, under the Franklin Roosevelt administration, a law was passed that forbade the direct production, purchase, and storage of hemp (but it was allowed to be used for scientific or medical purposes).

However, in recent years, the attitude of the US authorities towards cannabis has changed dramatically. Since 1996, many states have allowed the use of marijuana for medical purposes, in some, it has been decriminalized, that is, they have abolished criminal liability for those who were caught with a small amount of marijuana “for personal use”.

            Is buying cannabis seeds legal on the Internet?

The sale and distribution of hemp or buying weed online as well as its other forms, may or not be prohibited depending on your location. Hemp oil, which is made from hemp seeds, is freely available on store shelves. After careful research, scientists have found that hemp seeds do not contain harmful, narcotic, or illegal substances.

Government agencies may have placed a buy weed online or offline. However, it is almost impossible to track every purchase of this product. In general, the ban of marijuana depends on which part of the world you live in or are visiting.

As for Hemp oil, it is in great demand among the population. It has a specific structure and unique properties. CBD Oil has a therapeutic effect, it is required for the production of some creams and medicines.

So, if you live in states where cannabis has been legalized, purchasing cannabis or its seeds through the World Wide Web is legal. If however, you move to regions where they have not been legalized, you may face sanctions.

               Where in the world is marijuana legalized?

In November 2016, nine states in the United States held referendums on the legalization of marijuana. In four states, residents supported the use of hemp for relaxation, in one they voted against, in another four they supported its use with the permission of a doctor.

The referendums were held in California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada, at which residents supported the proposal to allow people over 21 years old to use marijuana for recreational purposes. In the conservative state of Arizona, on the border with Mexico, residents opposed legalization after local businessmen invested millions of dollars in the fight against weed.

The legalization of marijuana in California is a major victory for those who advocate the liberalization of drug laws. For the use of hemp for the sake of its stupefying effect in the state 56 percent of voters voted. Adults over 21 years old were allowed to smoke and own up to one ounce of “weed” (28.35 grams, about one glass).

California is the most populous region in the United States. 39 million people live here, who, according to the Los Angeles Times, smoke $6 billion worth of weed in a year.

California in 1996 became the first state in which it was allowed to legally grow and consume marijuana for medical purposes. In addition to patients with cancer or multiple sclerosis, weed was prescribed to those who complained of a bad dream. In 2012, the first cannabis vending machines appeared on the beaches of California.

On November 8, four more states in the United States — Florida, North Dakota, Arkansas, and Montana — voted to allow marijuana with permission from a doctor.

After the vote, the number of US states in which marijuana is permitted for recreational or medical purposes increased from 25 to 28. A few more states allow limited use of cannabis for medical reasons, for example, Montana was one of them before the current referendum.

For the first time, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, that is, for recreation and entertainment, was allowed in the states of Colorado and Washington in 2012. Two years later, Oregon, Alaska, and the District of Columbia, that is, in fact, in the city of Washington, the capital of the United States -joined in. In some regions, various restrictions apply, for example, in Oregon you can’t grow more than four hemp bushes, in Washington you can smoke or exchange weed, but you can’t sell it.

If you live in areas where it is safe to buy weed online, the website will put your through on how to buy weed online.

Other places where Marijuana is legalized includes

  • Czech Repulblic
  • And some parts of Europe.
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