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Where can I find more information about access to medicinal cannabis?

Will Smoking Weed Damage My Lungs?

Yet another yes and no question. Yes, breathing in superheated smoke can irritate the lungs, resulting in a cough. Smoking resin can cause you to cough up mucous and experience some symptoms of bronchitis. However, these symptoms are usually short lived and go away when you quit smoking and switch to other consumption methods. Studies have failed to link the consumption of cannabis regularly to an increased chance of lung cancer.

Do You Get Hungry When You Get High?

Munchies are a thing that every stoner has experienced. And science has finally proven it – or, sort of. To explain this, you need to know that our brain produces its own cannabinoids. These chemicals help to regulate things like hunger. When we consume THC, the receptors for those chemicals bond with the THC, and it can result in flipping the hunger switch, telling your brain that you are hungry. Scientists were able to prove this effect in mice. While a similar effect would stand to reason in humans, scientists have not yet tested Also, cannabis enhances our taste receptors, making food taste more intense.

What Are Strains of Marijuana?

Not all buds are created equal. Flowers from different strains of pot – say Acapulco Gold and OG Kush for example, can produce profoundly different effects when smoked. Some strains do not produce the “high” one would expect from Cannabis and others can be bred to promote creativity and energy. Knowing the effects of the different kinds of marijuana can go a long way in finding the right strain for you.

What are the benefits of medicinal cannabis?

There is little high quality research on the benefits of medicinal cannabis and the clinical evidence for its role is still under discussion and being investigated.

Medicinal cannabis preparations have been used with some reported success to relieve symptoms in some specific conditions, such as reducing spasticity and muscle pain in people with multiple sclerosis.

There is also some evidence that medicinal cannabis may be useful in treating seizures, nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy, and also as an appetite stimulant for people living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection or cancer.


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